Crazy by Ladurée; glamour meets gourmet

Crazy by Ladurée; glamour meets gourmet

Ladurée and the Crazy Horse... two Parisian institutions. One of them offers gourmet delights and the other, glamorous sensuality. They were surely destined to team up one day in an explosion of flavours and colours that celebrate French elegance and refinement. The Hotel Passy Eiffel presents Crazy by Ladurée, a doorway into a voluptuous and intimate universe through which you can step, courtesy of four irresistible offers.


Crazy by Ladurée boxes; an explosion of the senses

The utterly delicious macarons made by Ladurée are set like the precious gourmet gems they are in a chic box decorated with scarlet kisses and a silhouette of the famous square-cut black hairdo made famous by the Crazy Horse, the renowned Parisian cabaret situated on the Avenue Georges V. Wonderfully presented, they wait to be savoured with all the languorous delicacy they deserve.

To accompany these divine delights, a second box is offered. Inside this one you’ll find a superb black tea subtly combined with the flavours of a medley of... red fruits, of course!

It goes without saying that such gourmet moments should not be entered into without a certain amount of ritual. Another gift package will add a sensual note to your tasting; a beautiful candle with a warm and delicate fragrance appropriately reminiscent of the special atmosphere of a dancer's dressing room.


Exceptional sparkling seasonal offers

Take advantage today of these seasonal offers born from the collaboration between Ladurée and the Crazy Horse, combining the excellence of both. Treat yourself to an evening at the fabulous Totally Crazy show while enjoying sparkling champagne. To add to the occasion, the lovely scented candle, Crazy tote bag and a red or black pin will be included.

December 24th is the date for a special Crazy Christmas night. Come along and indulge in a glass of Laurent Perrier Rosé champagne accompanied by Ladurée macarons made specially for the occasion.



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