Eiffel Tower Vertical and Paris Marathon; on your marks!

Eiffel Tower Vertical and Paris Marathon; on your marks!

In March, the demanding challenge of the Eiffel Tower Vertical will test the strength and stamina of some of the world’s toughest athletes. Then, in April the Parisian bitumen will resound to the pounding feet of runners from all over the world in the famous Paris Marathon. If you’re not participating, come along and cheer on the competitors!


A punishing race up the Eiffel Tower

Get ready for a dizzying ascent on March 14th, 2019. Every year since 2009 the Eiffel Tower Vertical has presented its very own challenge to the hardened athletes who compete in the sport of tower racing; climb 1665 steps as fast as possible to reach the 2nd floor of the iconic Parisian monument.

The Eiffel Tower Vertical has joined the list of other successful tower races such as the one which takes place in New York’s Empire State Building (86 floors and 1576 steps).

Among the 130 competitors expected, who will beat the records set by Poland’s Piotr Lobodzinski and Australia’s Suzy Walsham, both winners for 4 consecutive years? Discover the answer on March 14th.


Paris Marathon; racing across the capital

Want to push yourself to the limit? The 43rd edition of the Paris Marathon will take place on Sunday, April 14th, 2019. Don’t delay in registering!

Since its debut in 1976, this famous 42.195 km race through the streets of the capital has brought together more than 50,000 runners from nearly 145 countries. Endurance test, sporting achievement, personal challenge, participation in a celebrated event; everyone who runs in the Paris Marathon has their own good reasons to take part.

Who, if anyone, will do better than the duo of Kenyans, Paul Lonyangata and Betsy Saina, winners of the 2018 edition? You’ll soon find out...

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