Flea Market and Clearance sale in Passy Street

Flea Market and Clearance sale in Passy Street

There was a time when we call Passy street and its surroundings: The Passy Village. Until 1860, it was not part of Paris. This village, full of charm, was up on a hill next to the Butte Chaillot.  Caught up by the Parisian urbanization, the Passy Village transformed itself in a beautiful district of Paris.

In the eighties, the traders of Passy Street got together in order to revive the soul of the Passy Village and create an association. Gradually, the zest faded, and the association ended up disappearing.

In July 2019, the association Village Passy reborn and the traders are really motivated to make Passy street more attractive that it is nowadays. From this fall and all year long, several events will take place:

  • From the 15th until the 18th November 2019: A clearance sale and Flea Market along the street
  • The Christmas lightings will be inaugurated the 20th of November.
  • In April: a big Easter Egg hunt will be organised.

The first event happening will be from the 15th of November, Friday until 17th of November, Sunday which will be a clearance sale, flea market with antique dealers as well. Passy street will be transformed for the week-end half pedestrian where inhabitants of the neighbourhood would enjoy antiquing some nice pieces, assisting to demonstrations or activities or shop a bit!

Come numerous to walk around in this beautiful street and encounter your traders!! 

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