Passy Village has its own special spirit

Passy Village has its own special spirit

Before being absorbed into Paris, Passy was a village. Today, there’s little in its urban fabric to distinguish Passy from the rest of the capital, yet this former village retains a certain spirit all its own. Your Hotel Passy Eiffel has sought to preserve this spirit by partnering with the quarter’s merchants to create the ‘Village Passy’ association. Come and meet our associates...


Give yourself a treat in Passy Village

Among our favourite shops in the Rue de Passy is one that always delights our guests; Maison Desgranges. This boulangerie, patisserie and caterer founded by the Desgranges brothers offers classics like the baguette and the fraisier (strawberry sponge cake) but also creates original delicacies to wow your taste buds. Don’t miss making a visit when you’re ready for a treat! And talking of treats, the chocolatier Régis will tempt you with wondrous assortments of chocolates as well as artisanal ice creams, candied chestnuts and irresistible confectionery.


Shopping and relaxation in Passy Village

Have you put together a mouth-watering stash of gourmet delights? Then, why not savour them while watching a film in the much-loved local cinema, the Majestic Passy? It’s the kind of friendly, warm and welcoming movie theatre that has otherwise gradually disappeared from our streets. If you prefer to indulge your inner shopaholic, there’s no need to stray far from the Hotel Passy Eiffel! In the same street, you’ll find a large choice of boutiques such as Aubade, Joseph, Les Montres, Guerlain and plenty more. And to make your life easier, the Parking Passy car park will shelter your vehicle throughout your stay and during your shopping spree!

The Rue de Passy has an authentic and vibrant neighbourhood life that your Hotel Passy Eiffel takes pride in helping to maintain through its Village Passy merchants association. From illuminations and flea markets to entertainment, we have plenty of ideas for helping you make the most of our neighbourhood!



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