Valentine's Day in Paris, in the footsteps of Cupid

Valentine's Day in Paris, in the footsteps of Cupid

Paris richly deserves its reputation as the Capital of Love because the activities for lovers are numerous. Walks for two, gourmet pleasures... On the occasion of Valentine's Day, the Hotel Passy Eiffel suggests some ideas for outings in the most romantic places of Paris.


An evening cruise on the Seine; discover Paris by boat

Celebrate February 14th with an evening cruise on the Seine, that most romantic and fascinating of rivers, for an experience you’ll never forget! To relax beneath a starry sky as the most famous monuments of Paris drift by, exquisitely illuminated, is a beautiful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


A gentle stroll amidst the romantic ambiance of Montmartre

Montmartre has preserved all its yesteryear authenticity to the delight of the lovers who come to walk hand-in-hand in this legendary and picturesque area. From the Sacré-Coeur Basilica atop the hill, the Place du Tertre with its many painters and portrait painters, the ‘Wall of Love’, and the Rue Saint-Vincent, where you can find the famous Au Lapin Agile cabaret, to the small vineyard carefully tended by the local residents ... Montmartre continues to inspire and delight couples from all over the world.


Meet Auguste and Camille at the Rodin Museum

In the delightful Rodin Museum, you’ll discover the life and works of the great sculptor and his lover and muse, Camille Claudel. The building is set in a gorgeous three-hectare garden in which masterpieces await at every turn of the path. Stroll through the Jardin d'Orphée or in the Jardin des Sources, where fountains, flowers and greenery create a setting conducive to sweet oaths of love.


Dine high above the City of Light

For Valentine's Day, the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant of the Eiffel Tower, perched some 58 metres above the ground, welcomes you to the magnificent vantage point offered by the Iron Lady as she stands proud and illuminated beneath the twinkling stars.



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