Winter food in Paris

Winter food in Paris

Winter in Paris offers an ideal opportunity to discover the comforting flavors of French cuisine. Among the essentials, raclette, fondue, and tartiflette hold a special place.


Paroles de Fromagers, located at 41 rue du Faubourg du Temple, is a space dedicated to cheese where you can make, refine, taste, or buy French cheeses. They offer Swiss, Savoyard, and Franche-Comtoise fondues, perfect for a convivial meal.


Les Marmottes, in the heart of the 1st arrondissement of Paris (26 rue de la Grande Truanderie), welcomes you in a chalet decor. Their all-you-can-eat raclette and large Savoyard salads are very popular. They also offer a Brézain raclette with beechwood-smoked cheese, suitable for pregnant women.


Beyond these typically mountain dishes, other Parisian specialties are to be discovered in winter. The Gratinée des Halles, a Parisian version of onion soup, made with beef or poultry broth, onions, butter, bread, and gratinated with Gruyère, is a comforting classic. For an excellent onion soup, Le Terminus Nord (23, rue de Dunkerque) is a Parisian institution since 1925, renowned for its rich soup with melted cheese and tasty onions.


Other typical dishes include Parisian escalope, inspired by the German Wiener Schnitzel, and croque-monsieur, a Parisian bistro dish consisting of two slices of sandwich bread with Paris ham and gratinated with Emmental cheese.


Bouchées à la reine, invented in the 18th century for the court of Versailles, are individual puff pastry crusts filled with a savory mixture (poultry, sweetbreads, mushrooms, ham) bound by a thick sauce. Matelote d'anguille, a sailor's dish that became a Parisian specialty, consists of eels marinated in red wine and cognac, with Paris mushrooms, pearl onions, and aromatic herbs.


Finally, beef miroton, a dish made with reused meat from pot-au-feu, and Entrecôte Bercy, a typical dish of the Bercy district, grilled with parsley and watercress and served with a white wine sauce, are traditional dishes appreciated in winter.

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